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What precautions should we take before travelling overseas?

Get travel insurance, to protect one from any serious accidents. I usually have a first aid kit... we never know what can happen, so prevention is always better than cure. With threats of rising violence everywhere, it is more important to take up insurance policies and avoid countries with a high risk of violence.

- Peter Tan

How can we boost public education and awareness on mental illness?

Spreading awareness about mental health should not be seen as the role of only healthcare professionals. Caregivers and people who have sought help and are in better health should be encouraged to come forward and speak about it, because many people are able to identify with experiences when it is done on a more personal level.

- Vikkneshwari Rajendren

As a society, Singapore has to evolve from sticking labels on people suffering from mental illness. Caregivers are sometimes swamped with so much burden... we do need to show more support and awareness. I support more open forums.

- Enrique Kay

Raising public awareness about mental illness and people with special needs is absolutely necessary. We can probably do this via exhibitions, public talks, social media or TV shows.

- Michelle Cheng

How can we encourage more young people to take an interest in politics?

The best way to encourage young people to take a healthy interest in politics is to let them know that they have a voice and that it counts.

- Melvin Low

Have more debates/panel discussions involving various political parties, like the one organised by NUSS, which also gives students the opportunity to ask questions. These could be broadcast either online or on TV for greater exposure to a wider audience.

- Conrad Li

Offer political science as a subject at JC level and attach students to grassroots groups, so that they can attend Meet-the-People sessions, to understand an MP's work.

- Molly Wee

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