Everyone has part to play in tackling mynah issue

At last, the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority has found an appropriate measure to deal with the mynah menace (Major intervention to tackle mynah issue; Dec 29, 2018).

This mynah nuisance has become a daily occurrence at hawker centres, coffee shops and open-air eating places.

They descend on food that is left unattended, even momentarily. They also feed on leftovers and pose a health hazard as they have the potential to spread diseases through their droppings.

Food operators must ensure that leftovers are cleared quickly both at the tables and tray-return stations.

The rubbish bins at food centres should be tightly secured to prevent food spillage too.

Perhaps, the town councils could also consider installing nylon fishing nets between staircases at hawker centres.

This method has been found to be effective in preventing mynahs from entering some coffee shops and alfresco fast-food outlets.

At the same time, the National Parks Board and town councils should carry out tree pruning regularly to prevent roosting.

Every diner also has a part to play simply by returning his tray to the tray-return stations.

Andrew Seow Chwee Guan

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