World Briefs: Man jailed in China for neglecting ageing dad

Man jailed in China for neglecting ageing dad

BEIJING • A Chinese court has jailed a man for two years for neglecting his ageing father, an unusually severe sentence for flouting the law obliging offspring to care for elderly parents.

The man's four sisters were handed suspended sentences for ignoring their dad, a court in China's south-western Sichuan province wrote on its official social media account last week. A 2013 law requires offspring to visit and provide for parents over 60. It provoked controversy when it was passed but has rarely been applied.


Most Ferrari cars will be hybrid by 2022

MARANELLO • Most of the cars made by Ferrari will be hybrid petrol-electric by 2022, the Italian sports car manufacturer said yesterday, including its first sport utility vehicle.

"By 2022, nearly 60 per cent of the models we produce will be built around hybrid powertrains," new chief Louis Camilleri said.

Petrol-guzzling Ferraris have been faced with more and more anti-emission regulations around the world, as well as increasingly environmentally aware would-be owners.


Police yet to identify strawberry saboteur

SYDNEY • Australian police yesterday said they still do not know who has been putting sewing needles in supermarket strawberries, but warned that perpetrators behind the nationwide scare face a decade in jail.

The needles, originally found in strawberries from one supplier in the northern state of Queensland, are now turning up around the country. No suspect or motive has yet been identified.


France, UK reach deal in scallop fishing spat

PARIS • French and British fishermen have reached an agreement to end a dispute over scallop fishing in the English Channel.

French fishermen had accused the British of unfairly catching scallops in the waters of the Baie de Seine during summer, when French boats are banned from doing so because of French regulations aimed at protecting shellfish stocks.

A French Agriculture Ministry official said on Monday that a deal had been reached and would be passed on to the authorities in the two countries to be finalised.


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