World Briefs: British monarchy is wealthier than ever

British monarchy is wealthier than ever 

LONDON • Despite talk of crumbling and chilly palaces and of Queen Elizabeth slipping down several "rich lists", Britain's monarchy will be wealthier than ever, when she becomes its longest-serving royal on the throne - for 63 years - tomorrow.

A Reuters analysis of royal assets shows that the British monarchy has had a bumper few decades, by benefiting from a rise in house and land prices.

According to a Reuters estimate based on the monarchy's interests in its key investment vehicle, the royal estates and its trove of treasures, the British monarchy has nominal assets worth about £22.8 billion (S$49.7 billion).


Security workers charged over drug lord's jail break

MEXICO CITY • A court in Mexico has formally charged four criminal justice workers for their alleged role in the July prison escape of drug kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman.

A federal judge in the central state of Toluca said the four security workers failed to follow "protocols and norms", and did not notify higher-ups about the jail break in a timely way.

Two of the men charged were prison employees tasked with video monitoring of El Chapo's cell. The other two worked for the Mexican intelligence service.


Ex-president of Ivory Coast denied release

THE HAGUE • Appeals judges at the International Criminal Court yesterday rejected a request for the temporary release of former Ivory Coast president Laurent Gbagbo on grounds of poor health.

Gbagbo, 70, is accused of plunging his country into civil war rather than relinquishing his grip on power, after losing a presidential run-off election in 2010.

His trial is scheduled to begin on Nov 10. He has been detained in The Hague since November 2011, after being arrested in April that year in the Ivory Coast.


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