Nine potential locations for the Trump-Kim summit

Singapore, which has diplomatic relations with North Korea and the US, is a potential location for the Trump-Kim summit. ST PHOTO: LIN ZHAOWEI

WASHINGTON (BLOOMBERG) - US President Donald Trump said five locations are under consideration for his planned meeting in "early June or before" with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un.

Trump, who was speaking at a news conference at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Tuesday (April 17), didn't identify the locations.

But a person familiar with the talks said possibilities included Geneva and several venues in Asia and South-east Asia, while adding that the list didn't include Beijing, Pyongyang, Seoul and Panmunjom - the site of the Korean armistice signing where South Korean President Moon Jae In will meet Kim on April 27.

Listed below in alphabetical order are some potential meet-up spots:


The US embassy in Thailand is one of the United States' largest diplomatic missions in the world. Bangkok is also one of the few countries in Asia to host a North Korean embassy.


The city in diplomatically-neutral Switzerland has hosted many high-level diplomatic meetings in the past, notably the 1955 Geneva Summit with leaders of the US, Soviet Union, Britain and France. Kim also went to school in Switzerland.


North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho visited Finland's capital in March 2018 to attend meetings with delegations from the US and South Korea after Trump accepted Kim's invitation to meet.


China's President Xi Jinping chose Singapore for his historic meeting with Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou. The city state has diplomatic relations with North Korea and the US.


Sweden has an embassy in Pyongyang and acts as the so-called "protecting power" or representative for the US. Ri visited Stockholm in March before travelling on to Helsinki. Sweden has often been used as a communications channel between North Korea and the US.


The Norwegian capital was the location for a meeting between US and North Korean officials in May 2017 that hammered out details for the release of Otto Warmbier, an American student who was brought back to the US last year in a coma following his arrest on charges of stealing a propaganda poster. Warmbier died a week after returning home.


Kim Pyong Il, Kim Jong Un's uncle, is North Korea's ambassador to the Czech Republic.


North Korea has a spacious embassy in the Polish capital, which in July 2017 was the site of Trump's first major public speech in Europe.


Mongolia borders Russia and China and has diplomatic relations with the US and North Korea. It is also easily accessible by train from Pyongyang, which may be a consideration given recent reports that North Korea may not have a plane capable of flying to a distant location.

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