Earn credits, save earth

Mr Jean-Luc Baradat is a French entrepreneur who often discussed the problem of climate change with his wife, an oceanographer.

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One day, he decided to stop talking and start acting.

He created a company, 450, and launched a "CO2 Savings Account" website last year. It allows people to open a savings account for free, gauge their ecological impact, then earn credits (measured in kilograms of CO2) by reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

Calculated annually, these credits are good for up to 10 years and can be used towards auto insurance, theatre tickets, and more from a range of partner organisations.

So far, 2,000 people across France have opened accounts.

"At the time they register, 99.3 per cent of our clients have no idea how much CO2 they produce," Mr Baradat said.

His clients are now reducing their emissions by an average of two tonnes every year.