How to redeem characters and items in the local game crossover

Butter Royale and Battlesky Brigade Harpooner weapons being wielded by characters in Cat Quest II. PHOTO: THE GENTLEBROS

How the crossover works

The crossover sees characters and weapons from each game universe featured in others. These can be unlocked only from Oct 27 to Nov 27 . Once unlocked, the crossover items will not expire and will remain in player's inventory.

Cat Quest character Kingsblood in Butter Royale. PHOTO: MIGHT BEAR GAMES

Butter Royale

Available on Apple Arcade

The multi-player game is set in an idyllic universe where there are no more wars. But people resolve their pent-up frustrations by engaging in food fights.

You can play solo or in squads against others armed with food-blasters like the Durian Launcher.

Players can unlock the character Smolian from BattleSky Brigade Harpooner and Kingsblood from Cat Quest II any time via this website.

They will have to enter their support ID, which can be found in-game, to unlock and redeem all cross-over items at once.

Once unlocked, all the characters and trails will be available for them to select on their customisation screen for their next food fight.

A screenshot of the game BattleSky Brigade Harpooner. PHOTO: BATTLEBREW PRODUCTIONS

Battlesky Brigade Harpooner

Available on Apple Arcade

Set in the world of BattleSky Brigade, you play as Pim to be the best salvager in the Wyldes. You do so by shooting barrels open for coins while avoiding obstacles and enemies in this classic vertical shooter.

You start by "harpooning" yourself out before proceeding to shoot them all, and then reel yourself back in when you run out of rope and to collect the coins.

After unlocking the second area in the Wyldes, players can play as Butter Royale characters Abuela Adela and Ken Clucky and the felines from Cat Quest II.

Cat Quest II's main characters wield weapons inspired by Butter Royale and BattleSky Brigade Harpooner. PHOTO: THE GENTLEBROS

Cat Quest II

Available on Apple Arcade; $14.50 for Windows, Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Under threat from a constant war between the cats of Felingard and the advancing dogs of the Lupus Empire, Cat Quest II is about the two rulers of these kingdoms, who are brought together against their will - on a journey of discovery to reclaim their thrones.

In this action role-playing game, you can play as both a cat and dog as you explore the kingdoms by yourself or with a friend.

With the crossover, you will be able to wield weapons like Butter Royale's Mystery Meat Melee and BattleSky Brigade Harpooner's BamBam Hammer.

The cross-over items will be available for players to use once they acquire the "water walking" ability.

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