Tech review: Moza Mirfak Vlogging Kit enhances your video meetings

The Moza Mirfak comprises a mini-tripod, an extension pole, a fill light, a microphone and a phone holder. PHOTO: MOZA

The circuit breaker may have ended, but many people have to continue working from home. If you are among them and need a video conferencing kit, the Moza Mirfak could be a good option.

While designed and targeted at video bloggers, it has all the essential functions to make you look and sound good during your video meetings.

It comprises a mini-tripod, an extension pole, a fill light, a microphone and a phone holder.

The mini-tripod has three flippable legs that open out to become a stand. Connect the extension pole to it and you get a height-adjustable tripod that goes up to 72cm tall. When the legs are folded in, the mini-tripod becomes the handle of a selfie stick.

The phone holder has a spring-loaded adjustable mount. It held my 6.5-inch smartphone with no issues.

On the phone holder's top are three hotshoe mounts for attaching accessories such as the included fill light and microphone.

The fill light - a unit made by Mirfak called Moin L1 - is the highlight of the kit. In fact, with its maximum brightness level of 1,000 lumens, it can even light up your face in a completely dark room. Amazing for a fill light with only six LED lights. Plus, you can toggle between warm and cold colours.

At its rear is a button with a ring of blue indicator lights and a magnetic charging port. Press and hold the button for three seconds to turn the fill light on or off. When the fill light is turned on, press the button once to adjust the cold-colour brightness and double press the button to adjust the warm-colour brightness.

You can pair the fill light with your smartphone via Bluetooth by using the Mirfak Light app (available on Android and iOS). After you do so, you will be able to adjust the cold and warm colours and customise the sleep time using the app.

The fill light has a magnetic rear, which means you can "stick" it to any metallic surface for outdoor shoots.

The fill light can last two hours on a full charge. The only downer is its use of a proprietary USB charging cable. If you lose this cable, you cannot charge the fill light.

The included microphone looks like a mini Maglite torchlight with its aluminium casing and it comes with a furry "dead cat" microphone cover, or wind muffler.

The microphone uses a 3.5mm jack - you will thus have to buy either a Lightning-to-3.5mm jack or a USB-C-to-3.5mm jack adapter to connect it to your smartphone, depending on if it is an iPhone or an Android phone.

The voice recording quality of this microphone is pretty clean, especially when you have the microphone cover installed. Without the microphone cover, I can hear a slight echo in the recording.

It is a bit pricey to pay $159 for a video blogging kit just to use it in video conferencing sessions, especially if you are not going to be using it often.

But some portable video lights already cost around that much. And this kit gives you a superb fill light and a very capable microphone, in addition to the other accessories.


- Great accessories for video blogging and conference calls

- Versatile and bright fill light

- Capable microphone with big furry cover


- A bit pricey

- Sound recording a bit echoey without cover


PRICE: $159

WEIGHT: 79g (mini-tripod), 155g (extension pole), 130g (phone holder), 74g (Moin L1 fill light), 50g (MVMO1 microphone)






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