Inside the ropes with: Patty Tavatanakit

Patty Tavatanakit with the trophy after winning the ANA Inspiration at the Dinah Shore course in Rancho Mirage, California, on April 4, 2021. PHOTO: AFP

Age: 21

Country: Thailand

2021 ANA Inspiration winner

Q: What new skill/ hobby did you pick up during Covid?

A: I watched the whole Avengers movies in order. Then I did Harry Potter as well. I was also on this workout programme, where it was six days a week for eight weeks, so I was really tired all the time and barely had time to golf. I live in Florida so I learnt how to get up on a wakeboard, did kneeboarding and tubing.

Q: Holiday destination once the pandemic is over?

A: Anywhere in Europe. I'd want to go to the Netherlands and then do a road trip to Switzerland, France. Just travel all over.

Q: Favourite sport, besides golf, to watch at the Olympics?

A: Track and field, or weightlifting. I've watched like video clips where they lift such heavy weights and I just don't understand the science behind it. So I'd like to go watch and learn.

Q: What's a good indoor workout?

A: I mainly work a lot on my upper body because I have neck, shoulder problems. I also do Pilates.

Q: Favourite athlete not in golf?

A: Serena Williams, just how much she's had an impact on the female side of sports.

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