Football Funnies: Why are Manchester United's transfer deals so laughable? Watch this video

We all know Manchester United hasn't exactly been setting the transfer market on fire this season, or for that matter, last season as well.

There's plenty of blame to go around, but this cartoon, done by two soccer fans from Scotland who run a soccer humour site FitbaThatba, lays the buck right at executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward's feet.

In what seems to be a caricature of Woodward, a man in a suit tries hard to negotiate the best deal for sweets but fails miserably.

From his hapless negotiation skills (he bargains the price upwards!) to his oblivious proclamations ("Money is no object!"), it's a punch to the stomach for United fans and a good laugh for the rest of the world.

The Red Devils are really in trouble if this spoof is anywhere near the truth.

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