All prepared to go the extra mile

About 53,000 runners are expected to participate in Sunday’s Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore. Among them is a group of people who will be running for special reasons. Chua Siang Yee meets these runners:LIN RUN’ER, 32, TEACHERRace: Marathon

Runer 0512

Why I’m running: “I am running as a pacer for the first time. My pacing group (4h 15min) is slower than my personal best time (3h 33min) but it’s not so much a sacrifice because running has given me much more than I can return.

“Pacing gives running an added dimension and changes it from an individual sport into a team sport. It also requires a lot of discipline, especially during training.

“We’ve trained 16 weeks for this Sunday and I’m looking forward to meeting new people and motivating them along the way.”CHRIS HORTIN, 41, HOUSEWIFERace: Marathon

Chris 0512

Why I’m running: “I’m visually impaired but I want to show people that even that is no excuse to laze at home instead of leading a healthy lifestyle.

“I want to encourage more people with disabilities to open up because they can find help, like I did.

“I will be running my first marathon and I want to pay tribute to my guides. They are volunteers who have spent a lot of time accompanying me on runs, and I don’t want to let them down.”SALIHIN SINAI, 27, DENTAL TECHNICIANRace: 21km

Salihin kepyong 0512

Why I’m running: “I’m running to raise funds for Special Olympics Singapore. The organisation has given me a lot and help me discover my passion for sports. It has also allowed me to represent Singapore at the Special Olympics in swimming and badminton.

“The Special Olympics is happening next year in Los Angeles and I want to contribute by raising funds to cover training and competition costs. I also hope to encourage more intellectually disabled people to take up sports.”LOH KEP YONG, 26, PHARMACISTRace: 21kmWhy I’m running: “I’ve been volunteering at Special Olympics Singapore since 2012 and have always been inspired by their passion for sports, and their determination to overcome difficulties in life.

“I will be running alongside Salihin and helping to raise funds for the organisation as well.

“Through this, I hope to show that sports can do a lot for the intellectually disabled and help integrate them into society.”CHAN MENG HUI, 84, SELF-EMPLOYEDRace: Marathon

Meng hui 0512

Why I’m running: “This will be my 100th marathon and I must finish it by hook or by crook.

“I still enjoy running like I did when I started at 55; whenever I see someone run, I feel like I should too.

“After this year’s Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore, I won’t be actively taking part in marathons. I have to slow down. The cramps are getting worse.

“But running has always been my passion. I’ve always enjoyed it.

“And I will keep running till my body tells me to stop.”


Freddie 0512

Why I’m running: “Together with my staff at Morning Star Community Services, we are running to raise funds for our Nova programme, which targets children who are at risk of dropping out of school.

“We hope to raise enough to bring the programme to two more schools. I also hope this exercise can inform the staff  about the work that we do. Like running, working with children requires consistency, endurance and a mental capacity to complete what is started.”