Waterspouts spotted: 4 other times the twisters have been seen in the region

SINGAPORE - On Sunday morning, a large waterspout made an appearance off Singapore's shores.

The seas surrounding South-east Asian countries are one of the hotspots for waterspouts.

They are reported about three times a year off the coast of Singapore and are also seen in Malaysia and Thailand.

Here are more sightings in Singapore and the region:

May 6, Johor

Last month, beach-goers at Tanjung Balau beach in Kota Tinggi saw a waterspout up close.

Dramatic videos of the spout approaching the beach created a stir on social media in Malaysia.

March 28, Penang


In March, residents in Penang filmed a moving column of water twisting over the water near the Penang Bridge.

The waterspout occurred during a downpour that caused flash floods in several low-lying areas in Penang.

August 2016, East Coast

Last August, another waterspout was seen off Singapore's East Coast Park.

Due to low pressure during thunderstorms, water can be sucked towards the base of rain clouds, forming a funnel of water droplets.

Sightings from Clementi, Khatib and Pasir Ris were reported in 2014.

April & September 2015, Phuket

They also occur off the coast of Thailand, with tourists frequently capturing the phenomenon.

Waterspouts tend to have a short life span of tens of minutes at most and they usually dissipate rapidly upon reaching the coast, according to the National Environment Agency website.