Connect@Changi opens: What to expect at S'pore's first dedicated facility for business travellers

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Connect@Changi, a pilot purpose-built facility, allows business travellers to have face-to-face meetings within a safe, contained environment, without the need for quarantine.

Hall 7 of the Singapore Expo has been converted from an exhibition hall to a business hotel in the space of 14 weeks. The Straits Times takes a look at what travellers can expect when they book a room at Connect @ Changi.


Upon arrival in Singapore

• A traveller will have to take a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test at Changi Airport.

• After passing through immigration, he will be transported directly to Connect @ Changi in a dedicated vehicle.

Checking in at Connect @ Changi

• The traveller enters through a designated entrance, and has his temperature taken after checking in.

• He will have to wait within the room until Covid-19 test results are out about six hours after the swab is taken.

• If he tests negative, he will be allowed to move around at Connect @ Changi. If he tests positive, he will be sent to a medical facility.

During stay

• The traveller will have to take a PCR test on days 3, 7 and 14. He can book appointments using the Connect @ Changi app.

• He will not be allowed to leave the facility.

Departure from Singapore

• The traveller will have to take a PCR test before departing from Singapore.

The Premium Room at Connect @ Changi. ST PHOTO: KUA CHEE SIONG


1. Some meeting rooms are outfitted with air-tight glass panels and a separate air ventilation system.

2. Singapore residents meeting travellers will enter through different entrances, and will have to pass any documents through a document transfer box equipped with ultraviolet lighting for disinfection.


3. Staff will place food deliveries/ amenities on shelves installed outside guest rooms to reduce contact.

4. Pilot waste water testing programme in parallel with the collection of clinical data to detect any Covid-19 virus in a non-invasive way.

5. Cleaners will not enter the guest room for the duration of a traveller's stay; they will clean the room only after he checks out, and do so while wearing full personal protective equipment.

Food deliveries/ amenities will be placed on shelves installed outside guest rooms to reduce contact. ST PHOTO: KUA CHEE SIONG

6. Staff will wear at least face shields and face masks.


The facility will have 150 guest rooms and 40 meeting rooms initially; these will increase to 660 guest rooms and 170 meeting rooms by about May.

Guest room rates start from $384 based on a minimum stay of 24 hours; hourly rates apply after the first day.

Meeting room rates start from $20 per hour for a four-person room, and go up to $200 for a room that can accommodate 22 people .

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