Car driver reportedly makes three-point turn in CTE tunnel

SINGAPORE - A car driver reportedly made a three-point turn in the Central Expressway (CTE) tunnel causing vehicles behind him to make an emergency stop.

Mr Chan Chuen Ho, 53, put up a video of the incident which took place on Saturday and was recorded on his car camera on YouTube and also sent the footage to citizen journalism website Stomp.

In the video, a lorry beside Mr Chan's car can be seen slowing down as he enters the CTE tunnel at Havelock Road at about 12.30pm.

He then saw a black sedan in front of the lorry, which was facing the wrong direction. He said the driver of the car was trying to make a three-point turn, against the flow of the traffic.

"After the tunnel, there is a long stretch of road with no exits and you have to drive all the way to Balestier," he said, suggesting that was why the driver may have wanted to turn back.

"Luckily, the vehicles behind my car stopped safely. But I heard another emergency braking sound, and this time they did not escape. I think another vehicle hit the car behind," he told Stomp.

Mr Chan drove off when the car made some space for him, he said, as he did not want to hold up traffic.

He also cautioned that the tunnel could be better lighted.

"There was a fraction of a second when I couldn't see as I entered the tunnel. I was quite lucky I saw the lorry slow down and slowed down too." he said.

Additional reporting by Chew Hui Min

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