Tanjong Pagar crash: The Feb 2021 accident that left 5 killed and 1 badly burnt

The wreckage of the car waiting to be towed away in Tanjong Pagar Road. PHOTO: ST FILE

SINGAPORE - On Feb 13, 2021, a BMW crashed into a shophouse in Tanjong Pagar around 5.40am and burst into flames. All five men in the car were killed.

They were Mr Jonathan Long Junwei, 29; Mr Eugene Yap Zheng Min, 29; Mr Elvin Tan Yong Hao, 28; Mr Teo Qi Xiang, 26; and Mr Gary Wong Hong Chieh, 29.

Mr Long's fiancee, Ms Raybe Oh Siew Huey ran into the fire to try and save them. She suffered severe burns and is  recovering from the ordeal after going through many operations.

The coroner's inquiry on Thursday (June 9) heard that the car had hit speeds of up to 148kmh before the accident.

Woman badly burnt in Tanjong Pagar crash has endured 32 operations, survived pneumonia

For four long months, Ms Raybe Oh Siew Huey fought for her life while warded in Singapore General Hospital (SGH) after suffering burns so severe she could not breathe on her own.

At one point, the 26-year-old was stricken with life-threatening pneumonia and had to be intubated, leaving her unable to talk, drink or eat for six days while in the intensive care unit (ICU).

"When I was in the ICU, I really thought that I should just die, because it was too painful," said the former air stewardess and getai singer.


Tanjong Pagar crash: Raybe Oh needs multiple operations next year but says she's 'getting a lot better'

She will be spending a significant amount of time in hospital next year with multiple reconstructive surgical operations scheduled, but Ms Raybe Oh Siew Huey, 26, appears to be in good spirits.

Speaking to The Straits Times on Friday (Nov 26), Ms Oh said: "I still have to go through a few reconstructive surgical operations in the following year. Recovery is slow but I'm getting a lot better."

Ms Oh suffered severe burns to about 80 per cent of her body earlier this year while trying to rescue her fiance, Mr Jonathan Long, 29, and four friends, from a burning car after it crashed into a shophouse in Tanjong Pagar.


Tanjong Pagar crash: Video shows girlfriend of driver running to burning car

Video footage has emerged showing the moment a young woman ran towards a burning car in Tanjong Pagar Road to save her fiance and his four friends trapped inside.

In the footage obtained by The Straits Times, the white BMW M4 coupe is seen skidding for two seconds at around 5.40am last Saturday (Feb 13), the second day of the Chinese New Year.

It then spins out of control before slamming into a shophouse further away.


‘She did what she did for love’: Woman in ICU tried to save boyfriend from burning car in Tanjong Pagar crash

Seeing her boyfriend and friends trapped in the burning car, Ms Raybe Oh Siew Huey, 26, rushed forward to try and save them.

But in doing so, she suffered severe burns on about 80 per cent of her body, and is now fighting for her life in the hospital.

Her boyfriend, Mr Jonathan Long, 29, was driving the BMW that slammed into a Tanjong Pagar shophouse early Saturday morning (Feb 13).


5 killed in Tanjong Pagar crash: 29-year-old driver believed to have sped before crashing into shophouse

Five people have died and one was taken to Singapore General Hospital (SGH) after a car slammed into the front of a shophouse on Saturday (Feb 13) morning.

A police spokesman said that at 5.40am, they were alerted to an accident involving a car along Tanjong Pagar Road.

Preliminary investigations revealed the car was driven by a 29-year-old man with four male passengers, aged 26 to 29.


5 killed in Tanjong Pagar car crash: What happened

SPH Brightcove Video
In a Chinese New Year tragedy, five men were killed after their car crashed into a Tanjong Pagar shophouse in the early hours of Feb 13.

Five people, killed in a pre-dawn crash along Tanjong Pagar Road, were identified by their next-of-kin at about 10.30am on Saturday (Feb 13), about five hours after the accident.

This is a timeline of the events which took place early on Feb 13.


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