Shane Todd death 'consistent with simulation results': Health Science Authority expert

Forensic evidence presented in court on Wednesday, painted a compelling picture that American researcher Shane Todd could have hung himself.

An expert from the Health Science Authority (HSA) told the inquiry into Dr Todd's death that the hypothesis was 'consistent with simulation results'.

Laboratory director of the authority's forensic science division, Ms Lim Chin-Chin gave a two-hour presentation, which include tests the HSA did on various ways Dr Todd could have affixed the makeshift noose to the toilet door in his master bedroom without any assistance, and that the only way involved using a chair.

Rigorous testing was also done on the moving of the chair and the nature of the scuff marks that were left on the door and frame, while replica straps were tested that proved that stretching over time was consistent with why Dr Todd was found with his feet flat on the ground.

The HSA also superimposed photos of the parquet floor after testing with the crime scene and found scuff marks that were consistent with Dr Todd's apartment.

Dr Todd was found hanged in his apartment near Chinatown on June 24 last year. His parents believe he was murdered over his work for the Singapore Institute of Microelectronics, which they allege had links to a Chinese firm seen by the United States as a security threat.

The graphic presentation was too much to take for Mrs Mary Todd, who asked her counsel for an early adjournment as she felt nauseous.

The inquiry continues on Thursday.

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