SG Extra Podcast: Analysing a town hall call urging against repealing Singapore's Section 377A

A town hall attended by about 1,200 people was held on Saturday (July 23) arguing for Section 377A to remain. PHOTO: PROTECT SINGAPORE TOWNHALL

Synopsis: The Straits Times analyses Singapore's latest news and announcements in this weekly podcast. 

The Straits Times' Zakir Hussain, Singapore editor at The Straits Times, speaks with Money FM 89.3's Timothy Goh and Bharati Jagdish.

A group of people have called for the law criminalising sex between men to be kept on the books, until there are guarantees to protect the traditional definition of marriage and family.

Calling themselves the Protect Singapore Townhall, the group held an event at the Singapore Expo convention centre last Saturday (July 23), which was attended by more than 1,200 people.

Meanwhile, the Government has been consulting various groups of Singaporeans on the law in recent months.

Currently, Section 377A of the Penal Code - is not actively enforced, a position that has been reiterated by the authorities since it was discussed at length in Parliament in 2007.

In this week's episode, the team discusses the changing attitudes towards the law and the steps the Government is taking as it decides on the next moves.

Produced by: Zakir Hussain ( & Money FM 89.3

Edited by: Money FM 89.3’s Nadiah Koh and ST’s Paxton Pang

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