Retired Singaporean engineer falls to his death in Bangkok

BANGKOK - A retired Singaporean engineer fell to his death in Bangkok on Sunday (April 10), according to local news agency Thairath.

Mr Sim Lee Chai, a 64-year-old retired electrical engineer, fell 10 storeys to his death as he was trying to help resolve a power outage in a unit on the tenth floor. The accident occurred at a condominium in Bangkok's Prawet district, the report said.

When police arrived at the scene, they found Mr Sim with a broken neck, lying at the foot of an electrical shaft.

Mr Wachira Janyatham, 60, a security guard at the condominium, said he had asked Mr Sim to assist him with the power outage, as he often called on the older man to help with similar situations because of his expertise.

He was together with Mr Sim in a control room of the 12-storey building when Mr Sim fell down the shaft as he was stretching to reach a switch while holding a screwdriver. Mr Wachira, who was shining a torch when the accident happened, could only watch helplessly as Mr Sim fell 10 storeys to his death.

Upon retiring, Mr Sim and his wife of 30 years, 57-year-old Jitrapa Kritpitayawet, had opened a grocery shop that operated on the first floor of the building.

A tearful Ms Jitripa described Mr Sim as a lovely man who spoke Thai and was always on hand to help others at the condominium with their problems.

Local police said that Mr Sim's body has been sent for a detailed autopsy and the Singapore embassy has been informed about the accident.

When contacted by The Straits Times, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman said: "Our Embassy in Bangkok has been in close contact with Mr Sim's family and the Thai authorities. We will continue to provide consular assistance to Mr Sim's family."