Heroes Among Us series

Heroes Among Us: Racing through the dark

Patricia Poo, 23, is completely blind in her right eye with partial sight in her left. Despite her poor vision, she continues to pursue her passion for running.

One day, Ms Patricia Poo will become totally blind.

Ms Poo has only partial sight in her left eye and is completely blind in her right. Despite her poor vision, she has continued to pursue her passion for running, which was the only sport she could take part in when she was in primary school.

The 23-year-old receptionist has embraced it even more since then, with the help of a guide runner.

"If I run outside, I can't run alone because I don't know what's ahead of me," she said. "When there are steps, a turn, uneven ground or people, that's when our guides come in. They are our eyes."

Ms Poo, who joined sports cooperative Runninghour in 2013, is featured in this instalment of Heroes Among Us, a video series which explores the lives of everyday people who overcome extraordinary challenges. Runninghour will hold its third annual "blindfold" run on May 13 this year where members of the public can experience what it is like to run "blind" with the aid of a guide. 


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