Public water fountain for Marine Terrace residents

Residents at Marine Terrace now have a water fountain that offers still and sparkling chilled water aim at getting them to reduce their purchase of bottled water.

The water fountain is believed to be Singapore's first public water fountain and has been in operation since April 15. The concept of public water fountains has been used in over 200 cites in Italy.

The water costs 10 cents for every 500ml, about the size of a small bottled water. Users have to buy a prepaid card that they can top up for subsequent use.

ProAcqua Singapore, which has provided the water fountain, said it in a statement on Tuesday that it was " very encouraging" to see that many residents filling up their own reusable water containers when they leave their home and fill it up at the fountain.

"They can enjoy superb quality and choices of drinking water at fraction of the cost of bottled water and thereby support Singapore as a green city," said the company's managing director Marco Preisig.

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