No permit application received for Philippine Independence Day celebration: Police

No permit application has been received for a planned Philippine Independence Day celebration on June 8, said the police on Tuesday.

In a statement, the police said event organisers have not shared any plans related to the event with the authorities either as of 10am on Tuesday.

The Pilipino Independence Day Council Singapore (PIDCS) is in charge of organising the celebration, which it plans to hold at the Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza.

Organisers withdrew a Facebook post about the celebration last week after it received hundreds of comments protesting against the event, but have said they plan to go ahead with the festivities if they get approval from the authorities.

Police reminded all organisers of public events that under the Public Order Act, a permit is generally required to hold any public assembly or conduct any public procession regardless of the number of participants.

A permit is typically needed if the gathering is to:

- Demonstrate support for or opposition to the views or actions of any person, group of persons or any government;

- Publicise a cause or campaign; or

- Mark or commemorate any event.

A police spokesman said every application will be assessed on its own merits, factoring in potential public order and safety risks.

Said the spokesman: "Police may reject applications or impose additional requirements on the organisers if it is deemed necessary to safeguard public order and safety."