Ng Boon Gay trial: 'Dangerous' to convict Ng just on evidence from Sue: Defence

It is "dangerous" to convict former anti-narcotics bureau chief Ng Boon Gay, based on evidence given by Ms Cecilia Sue, the prosecution's key witness.

This was because Ms Sue, 36, had lied on several instances, not just to protect her marriage, but also to incriminate his client, said defence lawyer Tan Chee Meng.

"This is a witness who is prepared to say anything to implicate the accused," said Mr Tan, referring to Ms Sue, who Ng admitted having an illicit affair with Ng sometime between 2009 and 2011. "You see a lady in court who was not only there to protect herself but also to ensure that (Ng) is convicted."

Aside from evidence from Ms Sue, Mr Tan argued that the prosecution had relied on "motherhood statements" and "legal arguments" to make their case against his client.

"This court should not convict an innocent man just to bring home the message that corruption is wrong," he said. "There is no evidence against Ng Boon Gay and he should be acquitted of all charges."

Mr Tan completed his closing submission just before lunchtime today. Deputy Public Prosecutor Tan Ken Hwee will have his turn when the hearing resumes at 2pm Monday.

The case will wrap up today after 14 days of testimony by 10 witnesses previously. After that, it will be up to District Judge Siva Shanmugam to decide whether or not Ng is guilty. Ng, 46, is facing four charges of having corruptly obtained oral sex from Ms Sue, a former IT executive, on four occasions in 2011, in exchange for furthering the business interests of her then employers.

The verdict for the case is expected at a later date.

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