NTUC faces tough task to sign up millionth member by December

SINGAPORE - The labour movement faces a tough task if it is to hit its decade-long goal of having 1 million members by the end of this year.

The National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) said on Friday that it has more than 888,000 members. 

A year ago it had 830,000 members, including both unionised workers and non-union related members, such as those in youth group nEbO.

However the NTUC said membership growth in the past year has been "healthy" with a 7 per cent growth.

Futhermore, the labour movement, which has been trying to attract white-collared workers, now has more than 259,000 professionals, managers and executives (PMEs) who are Singaporeans and permanent residents - a 9 per cent increase on last year.

It attributed the increase in white-collared membership to the launch of the U Associate Programme and Future Leaders Programme which "cater to the specific needs of PMEs".

In addition, 106 new companies were unionised last year - the highest number to do so within a year. Currently, it has unionised 1,630 companies.

More than 1,000 members celebrated NTUC's membership peak at the Universal Studios Singapore in Sentosa on Friday.