Malaysia Edition: Zahid leaves Anwar govt exposed | Plans for 'modest' air stewardess uniform criticised

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We hope you’ve had a good Chinese New Year. Those who crossed the Causeway over the long weekend encountered a smoother process, with Singaporeans now allowed to use immigration e-gates at Johor checkpoints.

In other travel news, Malaysia Airlines has been mulling a change to its signature kebaya uniform for stewardesses to one that is “more modest”. Critics say the troubled carrier should instead prioritise profitability and efficiency.

Despite presiding over Umno’s worst ever general election, Deputy Prime Minister Zahid Hamidi appears to have emerged stronger from his party’s annual assembly, thanks to a no-contest motion for the posts of Umno president and deputy president.

In the short run, this ought to provide greater stability to Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s Pakatan Harapan-led (PH) government, which counts Umno as a crucial partner. But ring-fencing the existing Umno leadership, which is burdened with graft charges, leaves Malaysia’s ruling parties exposed to attacks ahead of upcoming state polls.

To round off the week, read all about the student activist Adam Adli who spent most of the past decade in trouble with the law, but is now deputy youth and sports minister.

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Umno’s ring-fencing of Zahid leaves Anwar govt exposed at state polls

Avoiding leadership tussle at party polls will not necessarily heal rifts in Umno that could destabilise Anwar government.


Deputy youth and sports minister aims to be ‘conscience’ of motley govt

Adam Adli says he has not left his activist views behind following his swift political ascension.


Criticism over Malaysia Airlines’ plan to relook cabin crew uniform

Aviation experts are concerned plans to change the sarong kebaya of its air stewardesses could divert attention from more pressing issues.


Singaporeans can start using e-gates at Johor checkpoints

Singaporeans who want to use the immigration e-gate facility must hold e-passports with a validity period of at least three months.


Top court rejects Najib’s attempt to recuse judge

The former prime minister is seeking a review to overturn his guilty verdict and prison sentence over a 1MDB-linked corruption charge.


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