Be part of the Singapore maritime industry's digital transformation

The MaritimeONE Scholarship offers a pathway into the maritime industry for those with a passion to make a difference in an exciting sector

MaritimeONE Scholarship Awards 2019
Scholarship recipients celebrating their achievements with their friends, families and sponsors at the MaritimeONE Scholarship Awards Ceremony 2019. PHOTO: SINGAPORE MARITIME FOUNDATION

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a shake-up across many industries, forcing some to come to a standstill while transforming others. Amidst the challenges faced, the maritime industry has continued to play an important role in global trade, shipping goods and essential items around the world while remaining resilient.

Far from having the wind taken out of its sails, the industry is undergoing a digital transformation that will increase competitiveness, enhance efficiency and boost productivity. The upcoming Tuas Port, for instance, is a major milestone in Singapore’s journey towards becoming a Global Hub Port and International Maritime Centre. Opening progressively from this year onwards, the long-term project is slated to be the world’s largest fully automated terminal when it is completed in the 2040s.

Alongside the uptake of new technologies, digitalisation gives rise to new roles such as data analysts and data scientists, providing new opportunities for prospective joiners.

A diversified talent pool for maritime 4.0

One way to join the dynamic industry and contribute to its exciting transformation is to apply for the MaritimeONE Scholarship, a key manpower initiative of the Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF). The scholarship aims to develop the next generation of talent who can contribute to the growth of the sector.

Students do not need a maritime-related education to apply for the scholarship, providing them with the flexibility of pursuing courses they are interested in. Past recipients of the scholarship include students who pursued non-maritime courses such as Business, Finance and Computer Studies, and who have graduated to take on adjacent job roles across all sectors of the industry.

MaritimeONE Scholarship Induction Programme 2019
At the Scholar’s Induction Programme, newly awarded scholars get together for a one-day event for a time of bonding as they learn more about the industry through embarking on company visits and learning journeys. In 2019, scholars went on a learning journey to SGX to learn more about the Baltic Exchange. PHOTO: SINGAPORE MARITIME FOUNDATION 

Due to the evolving needs of the industry, maritime organisations recognise the importance of having a diverse workforce, especially with the advent of digitalisation. Take, for example, scholarship recipient Or Yi Ning who is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Business (with Specialisation in Business Analytics) and Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science) at Nanyang Technological University. The 21-year-old, a PSA – MaritimeONE scholar, says: “The nature of the maritime industry excites me due to the endless possibilities it offers for an aspiring computer scientist like myself.

“As the industry embarks on its digital transformation, there is no better time to join the industry, and I look forward to playing a part in one of our nation's key economic pillars.”

Internship opportunities in public and private sector

MaritimeONE scholars are well supported during their course of study. What sets the programme apart from other scholarships is that it is an industry-backed initiative. Maritime companies across all sectors of the industry, such as Maersk Group, Eastern Pacific Shipping, Jurong Port, PSA, and Sembcorp Marine, have come together to support the industry’s talent attraction efforts.

Sponsoring companies provide scholarship recipients with not only monetary support, but also internship opportunities. These internships expose scholars to the different functions within the organisation to help them discover their area of interest prior to joining the workforce.

MaritimeONE Scholarship Scholars' Advance 2020
The MaritimeONE Scholarship organises events such as the Scholar’s Advance where newly awarded scholars get to meet their seniors and bond through community involvement projects. In 2020, MaritimeONE scholars worked with FoodBank to distribute food hampers to low-income beneficiaries. PHOTO: SINGAPORE MARITIME FOUNDATION

Additionally, SMF holds regular industry events where MaritimeONE scholars get to expand their professional network by meeting industry professionals as well as current and past scholars, to learn more about the maritime industry. To support their studies and professional development, SMF manages a mentorship programme where scholars are linked up with industry veterans and learn from their experiences.

Undergraduate Muhammad Fahrur Razi bin Yusoff, who is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Maritime Studies at Nanyang Technological University, is appreciative that the MaritimeONE Scholarship allowed him to participate in the mentorship programme, which developed his personal and professional character, and increased his maritime knowledge.

The “K” Line – MaritimeONE scholar, says: “The scholarship has helped to deepen my appreciation for the industry through internships and opportunities to network with industry leaders.”

Download the scholarship brochure here. Visit to find out more about the application details.