International media chime in to wish Singapore a happy 50th birthday

A Singapore flag is held up high during a National Day Observance Ceremony in Singapore.
A Singapore flag is held up high during a National Day Observance Ceremony in Singapore. PHOTO: EPA

SINGAPORE - As Singapore turns 50 with a much-anticipated celebration on Sunday (Aug 9), international media outlets have chimed in to wish the nation a happy birthday.

American news network CNN's wish came in the form of an online list of "50 reasons to love Singapore". The reasons include Singapore's "chope" culture, couple seats in movie theatres and Singlish.

Others, like Bangladeshi daily Daily Star and US news website Huffington Post, carried articles describing the progress of the nation over the past 50 years.

Daily Star focused on Singapore's meritocracy, and also noted Singapore's contribution to urban development.

Huffington Post carried an article by Kishore Mahbubani, Dean of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy on why "Singapore is the world's most successful society".

In it, Mr Mahubani provides empirical data on how Singapore improved the delivery of basic needs - food, shelter, health, education and employment- faster than any other society.

Sydney Morning Herald carried an online article describing Singapore's journey through tumultuous times. The Australian daily said: "Singapore has thrived by joining spiritual values with respect for the rule of law."

The Wall Street Journal featured Singapore's history in pictures, starting with the photo of founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew wiping a tear during a news conference after separating from Malaysia. The picture gallery features other historical milestones such as Singapore Airlines' inaugural flight, the country's development into a tourist destination, the opening of the Speakers' Corner in Hong Lim Park, and more.

American news network CNBC reported on their website the "cool products" that have cropped up to celebrate Singapore's golden jubilee.

Among them is a board game called "Game of Chope". Launched by Singaporean design studio and brand WhenIWasFour in July, the objective of the game is to reserve a restaurant or cafe table using Game of Chope game pieces. Also featured is a mobile app called JalanJalan by Singaporean couple, Steve Tan and Michelle Lee. The app helps users discover bits of history in lesser-known parts of the island.

The BBC produced a video on how companies in Singapore have banked in on the SG50 fever. The video features Singapore Airlines, with its two A380s featuring SG50 livery, and Honav, a company that provided some of the items in the National Day fun packs.