ST CloseUp: InstaSex and when teens fall prey to social media voyeurs

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The first time Kelly saw a man's private parts was in an image from an Instagram follower. She was 14. It's a situation many young people face on social media. CloseUp investigates what lurks behind the screens of three girls.

SINGAPORE - Three Singapore girls, three stories. But all happening on social media. Like their peers, Parveen, Gia and Kelly breathe social media like they breathe air. Yet this comes with its toxins: being sent obscene pictures, harassed for sex and, for one of them, assault.

This is part of the increasingly sexualised environment that young Singaporeans are navigating as they immerse themselves in social media - a world that is as real to many as the physical world. CloseUp investigates what lurks behind the smartphone screens of many Singapore children and adolescents.

CloseUp, a new investigative video series by The Straits Times, seeks to give a deeper look at issues that hit close to home. It aims to delve beneath the surface of some of the biggest headlines in town.

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