MediShield Life FAQs

TWO other questions that popped up among the many letters to the special Straits Times e-mail account set up for ST readers to ask questions on MediShield Life are answered below.

  • Must Singaporeans working and living overseas have MediShield Life? What if they have very little in Medisave?

In line with the principle of universal coverage, all Singaporeans will be covered under MediShield Life for life.

Singaporeans working and living overseas will benefit from the MediShield Life protection at any point that they choose to return to Singapore for medical treatment.

  • Why do people who are already fully covered by their companies need to pay for MediShield Life?

All Singaporeans have to join the scheme and dotheir part. This includes those who receive benefits from their employer. Employers are encouraged to recognise the mandatory universal nature of MediShield Life and study how best to support their employees' participation in the national insurance scheme, MOH said.

MediShield Life will ensure that all Singaporeans will be protected against large hospital bills regardless of how their life and health circumstances change over time, even during unemployment or if the medical benefits provided by the employer are not portable.

Nonetheless, this matter is being studied and details of employer medical benefits and how they interact with MediShield Life will be made known at a later date.