Project engineer fined $3,000 for scratching another motorist's car with a key

Wang Yong Jie was fined $3,000 for keying Mr Johnny Fang's Suzuki Kizashi at The Grandstand mall on March 6, 2016.
Wang Yong Jie was fined $3,000 for keying Mr Johnny Fang's Suzuki Kizashi at The Grandstand mall on March 6, 2016.ST GRAPHICS

SINGAPORE - A project engineer, who used his car key to scratch another car over a parking incident at The Grandstand mall, was fined $3,000 on Thursday (May 25).

Wang Yong Jie, 32, admitted to committing mischief by scratching the right side of Mr Johnny Fang Hsiang Yoong's Suzuki Kizashi from the back to the front at the open air carpark at the Turf Club Road mall on March 6 last year.

Investigations showed that Mr Fang, 39, an IT service manager, was at the mall to have lunch with his wife and two children.

Mr Fang was driving up a ramp to access the carpark on Level 2 when Wang, who was driving directly infront of Mr Fang, made a wrong turn and ended up in the lane meant for oncoming vehicles.

Although Mr Fang was behind Wang, he made a turn into the correct lane and thus ended up overtaking the other driver. Meanwhile, Wang had to switch back to the correct lane.

Mr Fang then found a parking space. As he was parking his car, he noticed that Wang's car came very close and saw Wang glaring at him as he drove by.

Mr Fang thought this showed that Wang was unhappy with him for taking the parking spot, which probably would have been Wang's had he not made the wrong turn.

Wang subsequently used his car key to scratch the right side of Mr Fang's car, resulting in a long scratch mark. The in-vehicle camera captured him committing the act, which was accompanied by a loud scratching sound.

Mr Fang, who had since traded in his car, lodged a police report the next day.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Amanda Sum said the prosecution was not objecting to a fine in this case.

Wang's lawyer Jonathan Wong said his client regretted the offence which was not pre-meditated. He said his client's wife, who was in court, is expecting a second child.

District Judge Samuel Chua told Wang that had the prosecution not reduced the charge, he would have been looking at a much higher fine or imprisonment.

The maximum penalty for mischief is one year's jail and a fine.

Whoever commits mischief and causes loss or damage to the amount of $500 or upwards, shall be punished with up to two years, fined or both.