Jailed for attacking cabby, fined for abusing hotel staff

A drunk bar patron who assaulted a taxi driver hired to take him home was jailed for five weeks yesterday.

Taroon Dass Joginder Singh, 30, himself an Uber driver, punched cabby Kew Sieh Min, 57, and put him in a stranglehold because Mr Kew had tried to help his sister get him into the cab.

This occurred at about 3.30am on March 5 along River Valley Road.

While out on bail for this offence, Dass committed others, also when drunk.

In addition to the five weeks' jail, he was given the maximum $1,000 fine for shouting vulgarities at staff of SO Sofitel Singapore on July 30.

He was also given a one-week sentence for pushing the hotel's restaurant manager, Mr Pragash Kanna Muthusamy, 36, on the chest, pulling his glasses off and throwing them on the floor that afternoon.

This sentence will run concurrently with the five weeks' jail.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Zhuo Wenzhao said Dass' 35-year-old sister had flagged down Mr Kew's taxi to take Dass home as he was drunk.

After getting into the taxi, she had difficulty getting her brother in. Mr Kew then helped her by pulling on Dass' shoulder.

Dass became upset and punched Mr Kew, then choked him with both arms until someone pulled him away.

District Judge Samuel Chua ordered Dass to pay $200 compensation to Mr Kew for his medical expenses. He needed treatment for cuts on his ear and nose.

In the other case, Dass was seen following two of the hotel's guests and video recording them in the driveway of the Robinson Road hotel when Mr Pragash intervened.

Dass tried to follow the guests into the restaurant but was stopped. He then shouted vulgarities and subsequently used criminal force on Mr Pragash.

Elena Chong

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