7 out of every 10 readers in ST poll agree with hotels.com survey results: Yes, we take items from hotel rooms

SINGAPORE - In an online poll taken by more than 1,400 Straits Times readers since Thursday, seven out of every 10 respondents admitted taking things from hotel rooms.

The poll was a follow-up to the news that Singapore travellers were runners-up (behind Argentina) in a Hotels.com survey about travellers most likely to take items from hotel rooms. Toiletries were not included in this survey, as "everyone took these", Hotels.com said.

In the ST poll, toiletries, stationery, sewing kits and bedroom slippers topped the list of items respondents think are "okay" to take home.

Sixty-eight per cent said they thought it was okay to take items from hotel rooms. To be fair, some hotel operators have said they expect guests to take certain items from their rooms.

Items that cannot be re-used like toiletries are considered fair game, while small items with the hotel logo, like stationery, can be seen as marketing for the hotel when used elsewhere.

Taking towels, hairdryers, TV remotes and other items that can be re-used, is however, frowned upon.

Respondents agreed, as only 1 per cent said it was "okay" to take towels from hotel rooms.


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