2 men struggle to capture 2m-long snake found at Chua Chu Kang HDB block

SINGAPORE - Two men were seen struggling to capture a large snake found at the void deck of a Housing Board block in Chua Chu Kang on Thursday (Nov 2) night.

The incident occurred around 10pm at Block 484C, Chua Chu Kang Avenue 5, citizen journalism site Stomp reported on Friday.

A resident at the area, who gave her name only as Ms Hayu, told The Straits Times that she was on her way home from work when she saw two men trying to catch the snake, which she estimated to be about 2m long.

"I saw them spray some liquid in the drain," she said. "They had a difficult time, and took more than half an hour to capture it."

The block is near the Tengah forested area, where construction work for new flats had begun, Ms Hayu said.

"Maybe that's how it came out," she said, adding that she has never seen a snake in the area before.

Ms Hayu said she was worried about the safety of children, as the snake was found near a kindergarten. She plans to write to the town council.

The videos she provided showed the two men struggling with the snake, trying several times to place it inside a sack before finally succeeding.

One of the men, who was dressed in bermudas, appeared to be a passer-by, said Ms Hayu, a 39-year-old travel consultant.

He appeared to have been bitten by the snake.


The other man appears to be from pest control, (Animal Concerns Research & Education Society) Acres' deputy chief executive officer Kalai Vanan told ST.

He said Acres did not attend to this case.

"The snake was handled very roughly and probably sustained injuries," he said. "Acres urges members of the public to call us on 9783-7782 or the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) for assistance on such matters."

Recently, there has been a series of snake sightings in urban areas in Singapore.

Last Monday, a snake was found on top of a bird cage in a Pasir Ris home.

The week before, another snake was found coiled around a lamp post in a housing estate in Bukit Batok, and was removed by pest control.

Last month, a snake was spotted in a toilet bowl at a motor parts store in Upper Thomson.

All the snakes were reticulated pythons, a common species in Singapore.