Forum: Regular vehicle inspections necessary to ensure roadworthiness

I refer to Mr Robert Ng Heng Wah's letter "Suspend vehicle inspections for a year" (Oct 29).

Mr Ng suggested suspending vehicle inspections for a year because many people have been commuting much less as a result of working from home, and many cars have been idle or hardly used for nearly two years.

I disagree that regular inspections should be deferred for a year. The roadworthiness of a vehicle is imperative, hence the need for mandatory inspections.

Contrary to popular belief, sitting idle and short trips are not good for a vehicle.

Using a vehicle only for short trips leads to an increase in engine wear and affects the efficiency and longevity of mechanical components.

Rubber and plastic components such as radiators or fuel hoses can also harden, become brittle and crack with long periods of disuse. This could lead to leaks, which can result in engine damage or even danger to other road users if left unchecked.

Thus, whether a vehicle is driven daily or seldom used, wear and tear will still occur and regular inspections are necessary to check that vehicles are roadworthy and safe to use.

It is every vehicle owner's duty to maintain his vehicle and not skip servicing even if the vehicle is hardly used during the current pandemic. A vehicle that is well maintained at regular intervals and has no illegal modifications should have no problem passing the inspection.

The cost and time taken for an inspection should be factored in as part of vehicle ownership.

Lee Chin Seng

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