Forum: Parents' cooperation needed for teachers to do their job well

I wonder if there is an erosion of respect for teachers these days (Students and parents not showing teachers the respect they deserve, May 25).

Gone are the days when students had a high regard for their teachers, who were revered as important figures who played a pivotal role in building a child's character and moulding him into a useful citizen.

As teachers were seen in this way, they had the support of parents when they disciplined their children.

Openly disagreeing with or lodging complaints against teachers with the authorities was unheard of.

However, the situation is different nowadays, because parents are more educated and informed about the education system.

Modern-day parents want to know how school systems work, and how they benefit their children.

In other words, they have a desire to be engaged in processes the school undertakes, and offering feedback to teachers when necessary is more respectful than just criticising them.

It is true that some students are disrespectful to their teachers.

This social shortcoming is partly due to children not having the right values instilled in them at home.

Parents should teach by example because if the young are exposed to unacceptable behaviour at home, they may find it difficult to be respectful to their teachers in school.

Teachers require the cooperation and understanding of parents to do their jobs well.

It is a shared responsibility.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng

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