Forum: Offer rebates to those who use less water

I agree with Mr Philip K.S. Siow's suggestion that the public must play its part in the nation's water conservation efforts (Public action must complement government efforts, Feb 12).

Mr Siow suggested raising the unit price of water consumption above a certain volume.

I suggest a rebate scheme for households that constantly achieve water savings. An example would be a $2 rebate on the water bill for the month if the consumption over the last six months had been in line with or below a certain established volume.

SP Group can use the consumption data collected from its customers to determine the threshold volume for the rebate scheme for the different housing types.

A carrot and stick system will work better to encourage those who are already trying to save water to step up efforts, and those who are paying much more for their water bill to scale back their consumption to save money. Of course, the unit rate of water for higher consumption must be set to ensure the customer feels the pinch, as Mr Siow suggested.

We should also extend such conservation efforts to electricity usage as we aim to become a nation that protects the environment.

Foo Kwang Sai