Forum: M1 looking into analytics, technology to better protect customers from scall calls

We thank Mr Jonathan Boon for his suggestions (Make telcos verify legitimacy of phone numbers to tackle spoof calls, Nov 19).

Scam calls affect consumers all over the world. As a key communications service provider to over two million customers in Singapore, our goal is to protect the interests of our customers.

At M1, we are looking into network-based analytics and end-user device technology solutions that could complement our efforts against scam calls.

In addition, M1 has put in place solutions to alert our customers and reduce the likelihood of scam calls affecting our customers.

These include the implementation of our fraud management system that uses data analytics to identify and block scam calls.

Earlier this year, M1 also worked with the Infocomm Media Development Authority to add a "+" sign prefix to overseas incoming calls that are spoofed to look like local numbers, making scam calls easier to identify.

We also encourage all customers to stay vigilant and protect themselves by blocking unknown spam call numbers on their mobile devices and practise discretion when picking up calls from private numbers or with an unknown prefix.

Customers who receive suspicious unsolicited phone calls or automated voice messages should hang up immediately and not provide or share personal details and passwords with unknown callers.

Customers can also refer to our scam advisory at

Carol Huang

General Manager

Corporate Communications


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