Forum: Excerpts from readers' letters

Surcharge for Tuas, Jurong Island taxi trips  

I suggest that the surcharge for taxi trips starting from Changi Airport be considered for Tuas South and Jurong Island (left). I regularly find it difficult hailing cabs to visit clients in these areas.

Understandably, drivers are reluctant to take passengers to this region as they are concerned that they will have to drive back to town in an empty vehicle.

William Shon Laird

Check that fire alarms are working 

Fires have been occurring more frequently in homes.

Home fire alarms and other fire prevention equipment and devices should be checked regularly to ensure they are in good condition. Perhaps a government agency can ensure compliance.

Residents' committees and condominium management committees could also organise regular fire drills for their estates.

Lee Yim May

Taps in some public toilets need a redesign 

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the public has constantly been reminded of the need to wash their hands frequently and properly.

But at many public toilets in places such as community centres and food centres, one needs to press down on the tap with one hand to keep the water flowing. This makes it difficult to wash one's hands properly.

I hope building owners will look into redesigning these taps or have sensor-controlled taps so that users can wash both their hands properly and easily, which would help curb the spread of Covid-19.

Wah Geok Sum

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