In Pictures: Sungei Road through the years

The mere mention of Sungei Road market evokes a sense of fond nostalgia of Singapore's last free hawking zone near the Rochor Canal. It conjures up images of hard-nosed, craggy old vendors peddling cast-offs to low-income shoppers. It is here that Singapore's Thieves' Market reportedly started in the 1930s, where people could buy back their belongings from thieves selling pilfered items at makeshift stalls. This second-hand market became a fascinating place to shop for many people, including tourists. The market survived through World War II and attempts to close the area down in 1982 and 1994. It will close for good on July 10, 2017. Pictures curated by Simon Ker & Doris Goh. Photographs can be purchased from the Information Resource Centre, tel: 63195726, 63195508