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BLACKPINK FANS SEE RED: A Bangkok cafe is no longer Blackpink fans’ cup of tea. They are boiling mad after the owner asked people to bid for items used by Blackpink singer Lisa after she did a photoshoot in the cafe.

The owner wanted to cash in on stuff such as napkins, a cup, a spoon and even a toilet seat used by the Thai-born singer who is part of the mega-successful South Korean girl group.

Lisa, 22, had posted photos of her time spent at MQQN Cafe Bangkok last Thursday. According to the South China Morning Post, the owner, in a bid to drive up bidding interest, wrote online that he had received offers of up to 100,000 baht (S$4,470) for the toilet seat.

But as some of the chat messages between the owner and others took on a suggestive, sexual nature, Blackpink fans reacted in fury. “The owner of the MQQN cafe sexually objectified her,” a fan tweeted.

“This is beyond unacceptable and that pervert must be punished.”

While YG Entertainment, which manages Blackpink, has not commented on the matter, the cafe owner is not waiting for a letter from its lawyers to settle the issue.

He has posted an apology, reiterating that “we all love and admire Lisa” and admitting that his actions had strayed beyond the boundaries of decency.

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