Torque Shop

I changed my car's front suspension a few months ago.

Recently, my mechanic told me that the front tyres are wearing out unevenly - the inner portion is wearing out faster than the outer portion.

I am not sure if this uneven wear occurred before or after the suspension change.

Which do you think is more likely and what should I do about it?

Uneven tyre wear is without doubt due to incorrect suspension alignment settings.

The workshop that replaced your front suspension would have dismantled a number of components in the process.

When front suspension work is completed, it is mandatory to realign the front wheels to original specifications.

Having said that, it is possible that the inner wear began before your suspension renewal. But the workshop that did the work would be able to provide the wheel alignment report if indeed it was carried out immediately after the suspension was reassembled.

If realignment was not carried out, you must send your car to a tyre shop that is equipped to measure and reset your car's front wheel alignment.

If the inner tread of the front tyres is badly worn, it would be advisable to replace both front tyres.


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