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How often should we change a car's wiper blades?

Here is a little bit of motoring trivia: The wiper blades are the highest-wearing component in your vehicle.

That is particularly true in Singapore. Those rubber strips go through extreme cycles of heat and rain all the time. In hot weather, tiny dust particles stick to the rubber and it loses its suppleness.

In addition, the blades experience wear from dust that settles on the windscreen, which also affects the smoothness of the glass surface.

Hence, unlike most other regular wear-and-tear parts, there is no routine time or mileage interval for replacing wiper blades.

As a rule of the thumb, they should be replaced the moment you see streaks when you use them in wet weather. Their deficiency becomes clear only when it rains.

They are relatively inexpensive and new blades are important to ensure good vision during thunderstorms.

To help keep blades in good working order, soap them and give them a good rinse when you wash the car. Make sure that is done at a car wash too.


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