Wang Weiliang nabs his first lead role in a movie without his fellow Ah Boys

Local getai performer-turned-actor Wang Weiliang shot to stardom in director Jack Neo's hugely successful Ah Boys To Men two-part film. STPHOTO: DESMOND FOO

Ah Boys To Men actor Wang Weiliang has scored his first lead role in a movie without the other Ah Boys he came to fame with in Jack Neo's trilogy of National Service-themed movies.

He will be starring in new local comedy Lucky Boy as the titular character who is, in fact, unlucky from birth. Veteran Channel 8 actor Chew Chor Meng will be playing his father.

Unlike his character Lin Yu, Wang, 27, says he has been fortunate in life: "From when I started out performing at getai till now, things have been smooth-sailing.

"And when I was first asked to star in Lucky Boy, I was shocked that I could constantly continue to be so lucky even to this day."

The two male leads were unveiled on Tuesday at a press conference. Directed by Boris Boo, the $2.5-million film produced by Clover Films and mm2 Entertainment depicts the life of Lin Yu and his relationships with his family and friends through several decades. Against a backdrop which chronicles the defining moments of Singapore over the past 40 years, he falls in love with his primary school classmate Qing Qing and stays in love with her all his life.

The role of Qing Qing has not been cast and auditions are ongoing. Interested females between the ages of 18 to 25 years old can send their photographs and details to

Boo, who directed last year's Filial Party, says he wanted to make a film similar to the 1994 Oscar-winning Forrest Gump, which chronicles several decades in the life of a simple-minded but good-hearted man.

"What we want to bring across is the principle of the half-full cup. Even if you missed a bit, you could be second. Being second may not be a bad thing as it provides the space for one to strive harder," he says.

Chew, whose last film is 2011's It's a Great, Great World, sings the praises of his co-star Wang.

He says: "His acting is so natural that it doesn't feel like he is even acting. He is very sincere."

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