Thumbs up for Daddy Jay

TAIPEI •Pop star Jay Chou has earned full marks in his new role as a father. In a Facebook post made after their daughter was delivered by caesarean section, his wife, Hannah Quinlivan, 21, wrote: "Thanks everyone for your good wishes, thanks for the medical staff's professional care, thanks for Daddy's full attendance" and appended "100" to indicate the extent of Chou's first and apparently hands-on efforts as a dad.

The model-actress accompanied her Tuesday posting with a photo of her pregnant self, baring her tummy, and another of Chou pointing to her exposed belly.

Hannah Quinlivan on Tuesday posted a photo of her former pregnant self with husband Jay

Fans looking for signs of a baby photo were left disappointed when she earlier posted on Weibo merely to say she has voted for herself in an online best TV drama actress poll. The new mother, who gave birth last week, is leading in the category.

As has been his style, Chou, 36, remains secretive about his firstborn. Neither the tot's name nor her birthdate had been released as of yesterday afternoon.

Chou's manager, Mr J.R. Yang, is said to be among the few who knew the delivery date, and Quinlivan's agent has gone on leave abroad to escape reporters' queries, said China Times.

But, citing sources, it said the girl is a term baby at 37 weeks and that the couple opted for a caesarean delivery on doctors' advice.

Chou's pal, singer Will Liu, had also said Chou and his mother, as Christians, would not pick an auspicious day for the birth.

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