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Singer Alicia Pan takes her dogs to Sentosa on weekends.
Singer Alicia Pan takes her dogs to Sentosa on weekends.PHOTO: COURTESY OF ALICIA PAN

When you are a singer-songwriter as well as the owner of a thriving boutique yoga outfit with four outlets, weekends are no different from weekdays.

While Alicia Pan makes a concerted effort to keep her weekends work-free, she says: "You are pretty much on call 24/7 when you run your own business."

Next Saturday, she will be performing at Urbanscape, a fringe event of yoga-andmusic festival Soulscape at bar-restaurant Lepark.

This is on top of her monthly gig at The Powder Room, a bar in Cecil Street.

She lives in a two-room apartment in Tanjong Pagar with her husband and business partner Peter Thew, 33, and their two dogs.

What is the one thing you always do on weekends?

We like to take our dogs to Sentosa's Tanjong Beach as they love running around freely in the area.

Also, my husband and I are beach people so we enjoy going to the area and just spending an hour or two there chilling. We walk closer to the residential area of the beach where it is much quieter.

Who do you usually hang out with?

My husband and the dogs. I have the privilege of spending time with my girlfriends on weekdays as many of them don't have nine-to-five jobs.

Once every two weeks, my husband and I have a date night and treat ourselves by going to a nice restaurant. We like Italian eatery Ristorante Pietrasanta in Portsdown Road and barbecue restaurant Burnt Ends in Teck Lim Road.

Most of the time, our conversations revolve around work so it's good to make the effort to dress up and talk about anything else besides work.

We hear that you are quite the exercise junkie. Do you maintain a strict fitness regime on weekends too?

I usually take one day off during the weekend from exercise. In busier weeks, I still try to keep a minimum of two to three sessions a week.

My form of training includes boxing, yoga and high-intensity interval training.

Busy or free and easy: How do you like your weekends?

My husband and I used to work seven days a week when we started Yoga Movement, so now we just want to take it easy. We don't attend as many events as we used to.

I don't cook on weekends. We head out to cafes such as Forty Hands in Yong Siak Street or those near our place such as The Plain Cafe in Craig Road or The Lokal in Neil Road.

As we like to have a routine, we are reluctant to try other places.

Sometimes we go for a massage or watch a movie at home and morph into couch potatoes.

What is a good weekend to you?

Having space and time for myself. I enjoy peace and quiet as I deal with many people in both my jobs, whether it's running Yoga Movement or gigging.

It's nice to be away from it all and just spend time with my loved ones.

Gurveen Kaur

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