How to pick your inflight movie


For many, the best part about travelling is exploring a new place, a new culture and escaping from your usual routine and stress. And for those of us who travel economy class, the plane ride is usually the least memorable or cherished part of the journey.

But still, it contributes to your whole vacation and benefits of the ride include the movies that you get to watch. For some, picking a film to watch is a relatively simple procedure, but for the discerning viewer it's a bit more complicated.

You see, you've to factor in a few things.

1 - How long is the flight is? This will give you the number of movies you can watch.

The average movie is 2-2.5 hours long, so a 7+ hour flight (e.g from Brisbane to Singapore, not including take off and landing when they shut down the in-flight entertainment) will allow you to watch about three movies.

2 - Because you might be interrupted mid-movie by the plane landing, the last movie you pick should either be something you've watched before, something that's already been released so you'll be able to find it or something you don't actually mind watching half of.

3 - New Releases. It's always nice to catch something on the plane that isn't even out in the cinemas yet. But it's about weighing the pros and cons. Is it something you'd rather watch on the big screen as compared to seeing it on a screen that's 20x15cm? (think about picture and sound quality!)

4 - Film vs Fluff. How do you pick between a film that's gotten great reviews but is about a serious issue and a movie that will contribute to your intelligence in no way whatsoever but is something that you can easily veg-out to. (It's about maximising value vs relaxing on the flight).

So, how do you pick your inflight entertainment? Or are you one of those people who sleeps through the whole journey so you can forget how little leg room your seat has?