All hail the kungfu master/comedy king: 5 must-see Jackie Chan movies

Jackie Chan in his films (clockwise, from top left) Police Story, Drunken Master, Armour Of God, Rush Hour and Who Am I?
Jackie Chan in his films (clockwise, from top left) Police Story, Drunken Master, Armour Of God, Rush Hour and Who Am I? PHOTOS: PINTEREST, HANDOUT, NEW LINE CINEMA, STREAMLINE.FILMSTRUCK.COM, TASTEOFCINEMA.COM

Hong Kong star Jackie Chan's five distinguished decades of work in film has finally reaped its just reward in the form of an honorary Oscar.

The 62-year-old, who has clocked more than 200 films under his belt, was - and still remains - a riveting screen presence with his unique blend of martial arts prowess and comedic hijinks.

We pick out five of his finest moments from an extensive filmography.

1. Drunken Master (1978)

Chan in his breakout role of Wong Fei Hung in Drunken Master. PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM YOUTUBE

After early attempts to emulate Bruce Lee, Chan hit upon the golden formula of action and comedy he would become synonymous with in this turn as a young upstart who masters the art of "drunken boxing".

Don't miss the electrifying fight scenes in what many regard as his breakthrough film.

PS. The climactic fight scene in its sequel, 1994's The Legend Of Drunken Master, was hailed by esteemed film critic Roger Ebert as perhaps the best of all time.

2. Police Story (1985)

In Police Story, Chan seeks to clear his name as Hong Kong detective Chan Ka Kui. PHOTO: STREAMLINE.FILMSTRUCK.COM

To hardcore franchise fans, Chan's long-running Police Story series (six films over 28 years) is probably what Rambo is to Sylvester Stallone. Chan himself, in his autobiography, revealed that he considers Police Story to be his best action film.

The very first instalment sees him play Hong Kong detective Chan Ka Kui, who has to clear his name after being framed for murder.

3. Armour of God (1986)

Chan plays adventurer Asian Hawk in Armour of God. PHOTO: TASTEOFCINEMA.COM

Jumping onto the adventurer/explorer bandwagon with the Indiana Jones-esque Armour of God, Chan's slapstick Asian Hawk character is comedy gold.

The series - including Operation Condor (1991) and Chinese Zodiac (2012) - showcased some of his most daring stunts, including a leap from a cliff's edge onto a floating hot air balloon.

4. Who Am I? (1998)

Chan as the eponymous Who Am I? in a still from his 1998 film. PHOTO: HANDOUT 

Chan, aka "Who Am I", plays an elite soldier battling amnesia (hence the oddball moniker) and a shadowy organisation.

A staple on free-to-air television in Singapore during Chinese New Year, Who Am I? also features one of Chan's most memorable action stunts - a dizzying, free-fall slide down the side of the famous Willemswerf building in Rotterdam.

5. Rush Hour (1998)

Chan and co-star Chris Tucker are reluctant partners in Rush Hour. PHOTO: NEW LINE CINEMA

If Drunken Master launched Chan's film career, Rush Hour propelled him into Hollywood's consciousness.

This smash buddy cop action/comedy rode on Chan's chemistry with co-star Chris Tucker and never looked back, spawning two sequels.