12 things to know about Amal Alamuddin, the new Mrs George Clooney

Human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin, wearing her wedding dress, and her husband, actor George Clooney. -- PHOTO: HELLOMAGAZINE.COM
Human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin, wearing her wedding dress, and her husband, actor George Clooney. -- PHOTO: HELLOMAGAZINE.COM

1. No social media

Amal Alamuddin is said to have deactivated her Instagram and Twitter accounts, and only speaks in public on work-related matters.

2. She's tri-lingual

Fluent in Arabic, French, and English, having studied at the French school in London and holds law degrees from Oxford and New York University.

3. Her family

She has a sister, Tala, who is married to a Lebanese man and they reportedly live in Singapore with their two young daughters.

She also has two half-brothers, Samer and Ziad, from her father's first marriage.

Her parents are Ramzi Alamuddin, a retired professor of business studies at the American University in Beirut, and Baria Alamuddin, the foreign editor of the Pan-Arab daily Al-Hayat, which is based in London.

4. How Amal met George

She met George Clooney at a charity fund-raising event in Italy last September through a mutual friend, and reportedly refused to take his number.

US actor George Clooney (right) and his Lebanon-born British fiancee Amal Alamuddin take a taxiboat upon their arrival in Venice on Sept 26, 2014, on the eve of their wedding. -- PHOTO: AFP

5. How George wooed Amal

After Alamuddin refused to take Clooney's number, he apparently e-mailed her: "I think the reported hottest man in the world should meet with the hottest human rights lawyer in the world." (Alamuddin had taken the #1 spot of the "21 Hottest Barristers in London" list by Your Barrister's Boyfriend in 2013)

It was said that she made him wait for a few days before responding to his e-mail.

Another news report said Clooney asked her out for dinner and she put him off twice, saying she was too busy, but accepted on his third attempt.

6. Their whirlwind romance

The couple's whirlwind romance has taken them to Mexico, New York City, the Seychelles, and on a safari in Tanzania.

7. Their engagement

The engagement of Alamuddin, 36, to Clooney, 53, took place in Clooney's Studio City home in California, on April 22 , 2014.

Clooney is said to have personally cooked a meal for Alamuddin, and then surprised the leggy brunette by getting down on one knee to propose.

8. Her engagement ring

Wedding and engagement rings are seen on the hands of US actor George Clooney (right) and his wife Amal Alamuddin as they stand in a water taxi on the Grand Canal in Venice on Sept 28, 2014. -- PHOTO: REUTERS

A seven-carat, ethically mined emerald-cut diamond that Clooney helped to design. The ring is estimated to have cost Clooney US$750,000 (S$957,326).

9. Her wedding ring

A wedding ring is seen on the hand of Amal Alamuddin as she stands with her husband US actor George Clooney (not pictured) in a water taxi on the Grand Canal in Venice on Sept 28, 2014. -- PHOTO: REUTERS

A delicate platinum band that features small diamonds.

10. Her work

She has represented former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko before the European Court of Human Rights, has headed a UN commission investigating the assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri, has assisted ex-United Nations head Kofi Annan in efforts to make peace in Syria, and has also represented the controversial founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange.

US actor George Clooney arrives with his wife Amal Alamuddin at the Celebrity Fight Night to promote the Andrea Bocelli Foundation on Sept 7, 2014 in Florence. -- PHOTO: AFP

11. Her favourite restaurant

In London, Alamuddin's favourite restaurant, according to a college friend, is the Lebanese eatery LayaLina, located in the posh area of Knightsbridge.

12. Her nickname in college

During Alamuddin's Oxford days, her nickname was "Just Cause", because she was already passionate about human rights and political issues.

She was also a hardworking student, who reportedly passed up the chance to catch the movie Notting Hill with a group of friends in order to stay home and study.

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