Are you a hipster?

Style-meisters Eugene Lim and Sophie Chandra dress the part. -- ST PHOTO: SEAH KWANG PENG
Style-meisters Eugene Lim and Sophie Chandra dress the part. -- ST PHOTO: SEAH KWANG PENG

The term hipster, a sweeping description of what is at the forefront of style, people and things, has gained wide-spread use here as the wave made its way over from the West around 2010. Take our test to find out how much of a hipster you are.

1. Your idea of a perfect Sunday is one spent...

A. Sleeping in until 3pm and waking to a fast food-TV binge fest
B. Visiting a flea market then attending a do-it-yourself craft workshop
C. Hopping from one cafe to another in Tiong Bahru on your fixed-gear bike, quizzing the barrista at each shop about the beans used for your cup of joe and taking tasting notes at every stop

2. Aeropress is...

A. The title of an inflight magazine
B. A new type of letterpress machine
C. A coffee-making device that is known for its quick, rich brew

3. The symbol "!!!" is...

A. A punctuation disaster
B. Your reaction to news of George Clooney getting married
C. The name of an American band, which is pronounced "chk chk chk"

4. Your favourite festival is...

A. The Singapore International Festival of Arts
B. The Singapore Night Festival
C. The Laneway Festival

5. Your wardrobe is filled with...

A. Clothes bought from a department store
B. Buys from blogshops and online retailers
C. Clothes bought from boutiques in shophouses

6. Tian Kee & Co is...

A. The name of a provision shop
B. The name of an old-school jewellery store
C. The name of a provision shop-turned-cafe in Dakota Crescent

7. Chuck and Vans are...

A. Unrelated; one is a cut of beef, another a vehicle
B. Nicknames of people
C. Among the pieces of footwear you own

8. You own a fixed-gear bicycle because...

A. You have a good sense of balance and control
B. Nobody except a hipster will steal it and hipsters don't steal
C. It was love at first sight when you laid eyes on its curves in the magazine Kinfolk

9. Pitchfork is...

A. An agricultural tool
B. A newfangled cousin of the hybrid cutlery spork
C. Your daily read online for the latest news on independent music

10. Your Instagram account is populated with...

A. Oops, you don't have an Instagram account
B. Photos of your breakfast, lunch and dinner
C. Outfit-of-the-day pictures snapped against mysterious, moody backgrounds

If you answered C for seven or more of the questions, you are pretty much a hipster. As a hipster, however, your sense of self-denial and secret self-loathing will cause you to seethe at our suggestion. We recommend you nurse those feelings over an ice-cold bottle of craft beer. Cheers.

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