Host Dee Hsu endorses sex toy, speaks out on female pleasure

Taiwanese host Dee Hsu takes on a daring endorsement deal for sex-toy maker Osuga. PHOTO: ELEPHANTDEE/INSTAGRAM

Taiwanese actress-host Dee Hsu, known for her quick wit and sharp tongue, has taken on a daring endorsement deal for sex-toy maker Osuga.

The 43-year-old also known as Little S posted the tasteful advertisement on Weibo on Tuesday (June 15). She is shown with two other actresses who play younger versions of her as they find out more about sex and their bodies.

"The storyline of the ad was based on actual users of the product, as many people cannot accept women using sex toys and have never had proper sex education," wrote the mother of three daughters. "I feel that we have been confused about this for too long and too embarrassed to even talk about it for too long."

She added that her hope is that "pleasure and sex can become normal topics of discussion".

Comments on her post have praised her for speaking out on the issue, hailing her as "an ambassador for women's welfare" and agreeing that it was time to stop being ashamed.

The three-minute advertisement, which has been viewed close to 20 million times, did not have any sexy scenes with Hsu in it, which she jokingly said she had been looking forward to filming.

She expressed her hope that more people as "daring" as herself will voice out on the topic of female pleasure and added: "It is our human right to take pleasure in our bodies."

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