Actress Carina Lau 'mistaken' for former love rival Maggie Cheung in staged video

Hong Kong actresses Carina Lau (left) and Maggie Cheung.
Hong Kong actresses Carina Lau (left) and Maggie Cheung.PHOTOS: CARINA LAU/WEIBO, LIANHE ZAOBAO

SINGAPORE - Does Hong Kong actress Carina Lau look like actress Maggie Cheung or retired star Brigitte Lin Ching-hsia? Yes, at least according to one "waiter".

On Wednesday (April 21), Lau, 55, uploaded a video to social media. She titled it "When a star meets a Shanghainese".

Lau, who is married to Hong Kong actor Tony Leung Chiu Wai, 58, was seen wearing a hat and dark glasses at a restaurant as she ordered xiaolongbao, or steamed dumplings.

The waiter took one look at her and said she looked familiar.

The actress replied in Cantonese: "This is my first time here."

He later asked her: "Are you that star? Your husband is Leung Chiu Wai? I like both of you."

Then he added: "I knew you were Maggie Cheung at first glance."

Lau stopped smiling and said: "Boss, you got the wrong person. I am Lin Ching-hsia."

The waiter responded: "You are right. Your character Dongfang Bubai is good."

He was referring to the character played by Lin in the Hong Kong martial arts movies Swordsman II (1992) and The East Is Red (1993).

He then addressed her as "Sister Ching-hsia" and asked for an autograph.

The waiter in the video is actually Shanghai theatre actor Xu Xiang, who is also an Internet celebrity who has filmed several short videos about Shanghai.

Some commended Xu for being able to get a superstar such as Lau to star in a video, while others said he was really brave to mention Cheung. She was Lau's alleged long-time rival for Leung's affections.